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About our product

Ingredients: 100% pure maple syrup

We offer only Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup, hot canned in our permanently etched, reusable canning jar.  Enjoy the syrup over fruit, in coffee or tea, mixed with oil and vinegar on your salad, over ice cream, to marinate meats and veggies, and of course... it is always great on pancakes and french toast!  Once the jar is empty, add it to your collection of canning jars for storing salsas, jams, dry goods, buttons, or for drinking your favorite beverage.. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

You may notice that our method of pricing isn't what you are accustomed to.  We don't want to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.  Our prices don't end in .99, and we don't jack our product prices to offset "Free Shipping".  Our wholesale prices are out front and center, the retail markup on single items simply represents our added cost for re-packaging and handling smaller orders (more boxes, shipping material, and time to process).  We went through pains setting up our shipping calculator to charge you the exact cost of moving our product to your home, based on order size and your location.  We don't mark up shipping, simple as that.  We strive to be fair, honest, and straight forward in laying out our pricing, in hopes of being cost competitive, and easy to work with.  We hope you see our method for what it is, and we hope for the opportunity to do business with you.


A note on grade:  Grade is determined by color, and flavor is often (though not always) related to color.  All of our syrup is grade A and will taste great.  If no preference is specified, rest easy, you will receive delicious, premium maple syrup, however be advised, because of our small batch bottling and canning process, we reserve the right to deliver syrup as close to the grade specified as we can provide, although that may not always correlate to selected grade.  Thank you for your understanding, we hope you will enjoy our product!

In regards to shipping:  We sincerely apologize that the cost of shipping liquids in glass is expensive.  We have tailored the shipping function of this website to maximize value of shipping product, that being said a small single item may cost more to ship than the item itself.  We recommend buying a few small items or a larger item, as the order size increases, the cost to ship a pound of product decreases.  If you have further questions about shipping, pickup, local delivery, or other means of distribution, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask!

All packages are guaranteed to arrive in tact.  If breakages occur please first file a claim with UPS, and then inform us of the breakage.  We will ship the replacement ASAP.  We will pursue the claim on our end while ensuring you are made whole!

                        Thanks for your support!

                    Josh Seidman

                                                         Steward - Rugged Ridge Forest

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Organic, Wood Fired,

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup,

Not Just for Pancakes Anymore!

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