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Since 2014 we have been developing our sugarbush with the goal of producing sustainably harvested maple syrup at a scale that is right for both the ecology and economy in which we exist.  We do our best to provide syrup as cost effectively as possible in order to give our customers the opportunity restock their shelves frugally, or retail the syrup for profit.

 We harvest our sap on site and process it with a wood fired evaporator fueled by wood generated from improvement cutting of our bush. We spent our first two years tapping our own trees, but trading the sap to our neighbors for processing in exchange for a percentage of the crop.  Although this was not our end goal for a production technique, it allowed us to focus on growing slowly and steadily into something we could be proud of.

After learning that our processor was selling his bush, we spent the summer, fall, and winter of 2016 and 2017 rushing to build our own sugar shack in time for the season. It took many people many long weeks in brutally cold and wet conditions, but we built, wired, plumbed, and set up our sugar shack in time for the 2017 season, in addition to adding taps to our bush. Though the season was certainly a trial by fire, we met many of our goals (with only a few still exceeding our grasp).

Since then we have worked on engineering our bottling line and expanding our supply chain to make sure that we can get our syrup into the hands of those who want to enjoy it. We are still looking to expand our market, and are actively seeking distributors, retailers, and partners to help us get our syrup on more plates.


Our Story


Our philosophy

is to create a high quality product while practicing good stewardship of our sugarbush. We believe that being wood fired is the most important modifier that sets us apart from the majority of syrups you’ll find on the shelf. We do our best to consider the impacts of our actions at every stage, from only tapping mature maples, healthy enough to support a spout, to putting our product in beautiful, reusable canning jars, jugs, and bottles in hopes of reducing waste while serving you and your family for years to come. We also take pains to ensure that our product remains affordable so everyone can enjoy it, we hope you enjoy!